Analysis and certification of the energy efficiency of complex real estate portfolios through a partnership between Wincasa and NORM

Wincasa, the leading Swiss real estate service provider, was faced with the challenge of analyzing the energy efficiency of a complex real estate portfolio through GEAK Plus. The aim was to carry out these analyses quickly and cost-effectively in order to obtain a sound data basis for ESG reporting.
30. April 2024
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The challenge The portfolio included some very complex buildings, the analysis of which posed a particular challenge due to their size and structure. An efficient assessment required a solution that could quickly and accurately provide the relevant data to determine the energy efficiency of the buildings and propose appropriate refurbishment measures.

The solution To overcome this challenge, Wincasa entered into a partnership with NORM. We offered a digital and efficient process for analyzing the energy efficiency of buildings using GEAK Plus.

To do this, the data collection was carried out using NORM's intuitive web app. A detailed 3D model was then created for each building. This was used for the automated and accurate calculation of the necessary areas, as well as other data such as thermal bridges and shading factors. On this basis, NORM's energy experts then used the proprietary software to calculate the energy efficiency and draw up renovation proposals.

The results

  • Efficient analysis: Thanks to NORM's innovative software, Wincasa was able to analyze the portfolio in a short time and with high precision.
  • Cost savings: Automated processing and the use of 3D models led to significant cost savings in the analysis.
  • Data availability: Wincasa has access to comprehensive data for each building analyzed, which formed the basis for future decisions and measures.

Client statement Dr. Niklas Naehrig, Head of Strategy & Sustainability at Wincasa, stated about the cooperation: “By working with NORM, we can analyze the energy efficiency of our customers' real estate portfolios efficiently and with consistently high quality and also have access to all relevant data for further analysis.”

Perspective from NORM Alex Zimmermann, co-founder of NORM, comments: “We are delighted that we have been able to use Wincasa's portfolio to show that our software and algorithms also work for very complex buildings.”